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Affinitive AV offer a variety of services to our clients. These services range from the simplest of "off-the-shelf" installations to highly complex advanced custom-designed solutions...

Server Installs

The implementation of a server in your business is probably one of the most important decisions you can make. Which hardware do you choose? Which software will it run? What purpose will the server be installed for and so it goes on. Affinitive IT are Microsoft certified and have the experience to design the perfect server solution for you. We will implement it with the minimum of disruption to your organisation and configure so that the value to your business will leave you wondering why you didn't have one installed before.

First we will arrange a consultation with you to discuss your precise requirement and will make some suggestions of our own. Then, providing our quotation has been accepted we will provide you with an implementation plan and liaise with you every step of the way.

Once your server has been installed we offer a comprehensive range of support and maintenance solutions to ensure that your server remains running as smooth and seamless as possible. We have advanced monitoring solutions which will allow us to keep an eye on every critical aspect of your server and alert us when things look like they may be taking a turn for the worse.

Cloud Computing

As internet connections are getting faster, more and more small businesses are able to look to the benefits of cloud computing. It's like having all the benefits of your own server without many of the overheads and risks associated with it. Take away concerns such as power failures, data backup, cooling and even physical theft as your server will be housed in one of our co-location data centres with high level security and dedicated power backup.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange is the first step on the cloud computing journey for most clients. Incredibly simple to deploy and manage and it makes all your remote workers able to keep in communication without adding additional demand on your office broadband connection.

Next steps are normally Hosted SharePoint for storage of company data and then specific requirements such as cloud based CRM, accounting etc. can all be integrated.

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and let us help you 'get on the cloud!

Backup Solutions

Ok, so your PC's, laptops and even server is running along quite happily. You are confident that you are storing data onto your server and that is being maintained to ensure that it stays healthy. But what happens if you have your server stolen, the place catches fire, or even if an unpredicted catastrophic hardware failure occurs?

We've seen it so many times before where businesses choose not to have backup in place for all number of reasons but when it comes to the crunch we have seen grown men cry over their lost data. Data is the single most valuable component in your business' IT infrastructure. The Hardware can easily be replaced by insurance companies etc. but without the data you could be in all sorts of trouble.

We have the knowledge to implement the backup solution that is perfect to your needs. The perfect solution will vary depending on your budget, the amount of data you need to back up and the speed your business can survive in order to obtain the data back in the event of catastrophic failure.

Project Management

With a high reliance upon IT within SMB's nowadays it is imperative that installations, upgrades and additions to the IT infrastructure are planned carefully. A fully project managed solution avoids costly downtime, and ensures the maximum return on investment. Even what could be deemed as the simplest of upgrades or additions to an IT infrastructure could have a catastrophic knock on effect if not planned and implemented correctly.

Affinitive IT specialise in the execution of projects from a simple single unit upgrade right up to a Greenfield site project management exercise demanding weeks of planning to ensure only days of work, resulting in work being completed precisely and efficiently.

We offer different solutions to keep your site up-to-date, from the ability to rewrite a page yourselves online, to a managed service. We also offer full search engine optimisation and submission, to ensure people can find your new site.

Network Design

Designing a network to meet the requirements of the modern SMB can be a minefield. All too often little thought is given to such an important piece of an organisation's IT infrastructure. Something that needs to run non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week needs careful consideration in its design, product selection, and implementation. The network is the backbone of any SMB's IT infrastructure and although it is generally not seen, it plays an extremely important role in the safe, efficient and timely transfer of data.

With technologies such as IP Telephony and VoIP now firmly within the grasp of the SMB, serious consideration in the design of the network needs to take place in order to take full advantage of what these technologies can offer. Even if such technologies are not yet to be implemented it is wise to provision for them.

Affinitive IT have many years of experience of network design, with knowledge and industry recognised training to back it up. If you think your organisation could benefit from a professionally designed network to cope with current and future requirements then talk to us today and see exactly what a good network can do for you.

IP Telephony

The words IP telephony and VoIP appear to be the buzz words of the moment within the IT world. In reality the two are not the same thing but are two closely inter related technologies that allow for yet another buzz word: Convergence! This single word describes the bringing together of two areas of technology that previously left each other well alone, those areas being the data network, and the telephone system. A converged network (one where both data and voice run in harmony) brings many a cost saving for those who choose to embrace it, but in addition to the cost saving there are many benefits that can change the way in which you do business for the better.

Affintive IT has been involved with convergence for a few years now and has seen this change first hand. We specialise in the integration of solutions that fit perfectly into any SMB. We'd be happy to discuss this with you, explain what it all means and allay any concerns you may have, but at the end of it if we find that you are more suited to the traditional way of doing things then we'd be happy to help you there also.

Talk to us today and see what convergence could mean to you.

Security Solutions

Securing an IT infrastructure is something that is worryingly more often than not overlooked within an SMB. With IT playing such a major part in so many businesses nowadays, any system downtime tends to have a negative effect on the ability to conduct business. Ensuring that an IT infrastructure is secure is a giant step to reducing the chance of experiencing this downtime. From simply ensuring that every PC has adequate virus protection, to protecting your network with a properly installed and managed firewall, these steps aid business continuity. However making sure your business can still operate is one thing, but a legal requirement to keep your data safe is more of a concern. Your data is your intellectual property and making sure that it stays within your business it of utmost importance.

Affinitive IT can advise on securing your IT infrastructure; with anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phising solutions, network firewalling, VPN access for remote workers, secured wireless networks and advice on physical security for your hardware. Talk to Affinitive IT today and see what steps you could be taking to keep your business safe.

Talk to us today and see what security solutions we can offer for you.

Network Audits

The majority of networks found today in the typical SMB have grown organically over time with the growth of the organisation. However in all of these there comes a time when needs of the business outgrow what the network can offer. It is at this stage that the process of designing a new network starts, and the first thing that needs to take place is a network audit. A network audit answers the question: What do I have today? Once this is known only then can the requirements for the new network be defined.

There are other benefits to doing an audit including preparation for additional network components and troubleshooting network issues. More often than not a device in a network could be deemed unfit for purpose for the role it is being asked to play, a network audit will identify this and enable the resolution of any issues that may be occurring.

Affinitive IT can carry out a network audit for your organisation, the end product being a concise report with observations, diagrams and recommendations, recommendations that form the building blocks for the future of your IT infrastructure.

Remote Working

Several new technologies that have arrived over the passed few years have changed the way that we can conduct our business. Technologies such as VPN (Virtual Private Networking), broadband, IP Telephony and VoIP, have enabled the facilitation of the 'Home worker', where an employee based at home has the same IT and telephony facilities as their colleagues in the office, is now common place. The benefits are instantly recognised; smaller premises required for the main office, a better work-life balance for the employee based from home, and no travel expenses to name but a few. Satellite offices are another similar concept; several employees working from a smaller remote office can operate in a different geographic location but use the same IT facilities as the head office, allowing for a company to branch out whilst maintaining a common IT infrastructure.

For nearly all SMB's remote working is a distinct possibility. Whether you'd like to have employees based from home, or a link to a satellite office in another part of the country or world, Affinitive IT have the knowledge and experience to make this a possibility for your organisation.

Talk to us today to see what benefits your could gain from this service.